by Rinova

In Creative Agora we have been exploring how new models of participatory art practice are evolving in digital space. Creativity is a fundamental ingredient in game development, whether in the video game industry or in the board game field, and these new digital forms are open and accessible to collaborative participation. Malagajam recognises and values the crucial role of artists in this creative process. Artists play a key role in building the game world, creating characters, designing scenarios and visualising the gaming experience as a whole.

At Malagajam, artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent and their ability to bring the teams’ concepts and ideas to life. Their ability to visually capture visions and designs is essential to creating an immersive and captivating gaming experience. Through their artistic creations, artists can transport players, introduce memorable characters and create unique atmospheres that enrich the gaming experience.

In addition, Malagajam promotes collaboration between artists and other team members, such as programmers, composers and writers. This synergy between different artistic disciplines enriches the creative process in ways that both mirror and extend traditional forms of participatory creativity which can lead to surprising results. Artists can work closely with programmers to ensure that the game art integrates seamlessly with the game mechanics and gameplay. They can also work with composers to create a soundtrack that complements and enhances the visual experience of the game.

Malagajam also encourages the diversity and variety of artistic styles present in games. Each artist has their own approach, their own style and their own way of communicating through art. This allows each game to have its own unique visual identity and offers players a wide range of visual experiences. From realistic art to cartoon style, each artistic approach can find its place in Malagajam and add unique value to the game. Malagajam also provides an invaluable opportunity for artists to enhance their skills and engage with a community of practice. During the event, artists have the chance to learn from their teammates and interact with other game industry professionals. This can lead to new job opportunities, future collaborations and continued growth as artists.

In conclusion, the Malagajam highlights how game development is opening up new models of participatory creativity. It fosters a community of artists who play an essential role in creating visual worlds, memorable characters and captivating atmospheres that enrich the gaming experience. In addition, the Malagajam encourages collaboration between artists and other team members, promoting diversity and variety of artistic styles in games. Participating in Malagajam is not only an opportunity to showcase talent, but also to learn, grow and make connections in the gaming industry.



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