Participatory Arts Education: Technical Framework

The first project result sets out the technical framework and propose solutions for creation of a digital environment/communication tools to underpin an effective community of practice for transnational exchange/transfer of learning by adult learners in community and cultural settings outside formal education. It is focused upon transnational transfer/exchange of knowledge in a specific area of adult education: the creative application of participatory arts methodologies of informal/non-formal learning that are proven to be highly effective in engaging people from disadvantaged or marginalised communities and breaking down barriers to accessing/engaging in cultural learning.

This result includes three elements:

  • establishing Peer Review and Development Groups in each country that form the core of the Community of Practice and ensure that it is based upon shared values and meets user need;
  • researching and establishing effective digital communication tools, co-operation processes and methodologies to create a community learning strategy to inform the development of an online learning environment to underpin the community of practice;
  • establishing a competence framework scoping the role of the target group of artist educators based upon their professional development needs in each country as a basis for identifying common learning outcomes for subsequent learning modules.

Open Educational Resource for Digital Learning Community

The project’s second result will be an Open Educational Resource designed as a transnational platform to exchange learning about the participatory arts in adult education.

The OER aims to promote participatory arts educational practice and methodologies to a wider audience of adult education practitioners, institutions and policy makers. It will host a repository of learning materials and case studies that describe, explain and provide information about the use of participatory arts learning methodologies in each of the partner countries and connect with social media and interactive learning feedback channels as communication tools to support the community of practice.

It aims to present a contemporary environment reflecting the creative and cultural sector, with accessible communication/social media tools, audio-visual, narrative, graphic and animated material.

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Digital Learning Suite for Artist Educators

This result creates a suite of flexible learning modules developing blended learning content in the identified areas that directly address the competence needs of the target group of artist educators. It comprises three modules, mapped against the competence framework established in the first result (Technical Framework) and integrated within the second result (OER).

These modules consist of:

  1. Internationalising participatory arts education.
    The need for support to internationalise careers after COVID-19 was identified by all partners. This module covers the intercultural competences artists educators require to internationalise their practice and engage with learners and artist educators in other countries.
    Download: Learning Module 1 PDF – Digital Learning Suite for Artist Educators
  2. Health and wellbeing for participatory arts educators.
    This module’s focus upon the health and wellbeing needs of artists educators arises from the impact of the COVID-19 virus upon the livelihood of freelance artists.
    Download: Learning Module 2 PDF – Digital Learning Suite for Artist Educators
  3. Maximising social impact of participatory arts education.
    This module provides greater understanding of how participatory arts education practice of engaging individuals in artistic activities with the goal of personal and collective development empowers artist-educators, communities and learners to achieve social impact. Here the artist serves as a facilitator for collaborative art creation with a focus on social good: the emphasis is not just on the production of art but on the process of creating art together to explore identity, shared values, and aspirations.
    Download: Learning Module 3 PDF – Digital Learning Suite for Artist Educators