Newsletter #2

#2 newsletter

An update about the Creative Agora project

Invitation to the muliplier event in Sweden

We are excited that the multiplier event in Sweden will take place on the 5th  February 2024 between 2-4pm.

The theme of the event is to celebrate and showcase the outcomes of Creative Agora, emphasizing the role of art in fostering creativity, communication, and collaboration. The event will bring together artists and tutors to consider how participatory art practices can contribute to adult learning in Sweden.

The event’s agenda is designed to provide a platform for diverse voices in the artistic community. It will include a keynote presentations about Creative Agora, participatory workshops and consultation with Adult Educators and Tutors.  

To ensure the event aligns with the needs of the artistic and educational communities, we are actively seeking feedback from adult educators and tutors. Their insights will play a crucial role in shaping the programme. 

Recognizing the global nature of our artistic community, we are also exploring opportunities for online participation. This will allow artists from around the world to engage with the event and contribute to the discussions. We are in the process of consulting with adult educators and tutors for feedback on the project learning materials, and this will inform the continued development of the Creative Agora Online Community Resource.  

To book your place at the event please use QR or click on it.

Looking forward to seeing you in Uppsala.

A GOOD NEW YEAR! - see you also in Poland

The multiplier event in Poland has been scheduled under the theme ‘A Good New Year’. We will meet on 5 January 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Municipal Centre for Culture and Sports in Pyskowice (ul. Wyszyńskiego 27). The programme will include, among others, a presentation of the assumptions, goals and results of the international project CREATIVE AGORA by Wenancjusz Ochmann of the ARTeria Foundation. We will present and discuss the 3 results of the project: the technical framework for participatory arts education, the open educational resources developed within the project for the artist-educator community, as well as the three modules (internationalisation, well-being, social impact) that have been developed as part of the online educational package and are available on the project platform:

Exploring the Convergence of Arts, Education, and Technology: Rinova Malaga's Multiplier Event with Creative Agora

In late January 2024, Rinova Malaga is planning to host a Multiplier Event at the Digital Polo in Malaga, bringing together the creative technology community. The Creative Agora project focuses on promoting the European dimension in non-formal, participatory arts education for adults from diverse and disadvantaged communities across Europe.

During the Multiplier Event Rinova will share the outcomes of the Creative Agora project. Multiplier Events, including conferences and seminars, play a crucial role in disseminating project results and insights to a broader audience. These events facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, contributing to the growth and dissemination of knowledge.

A key aspect of Creative Agora project is about recognizing the important role of ‘artists as educators,’ remarking their critical contribution to fostering both educational and social inclusion. The project is focused on the digital age, seeking to modernize the democratic and participative ideals inherent in European culture. This change is particularly needed in the post-pandemic era, where positive educational values, such as civic participation and inclusion, are perceived as indispensable for restoration.

We are now facing an era characterized by the convergence of technology, arts, and education, projects like Creative Agora can bring that balance, offering innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of our communities. During Rinova Malaga’s Multiplier Event you could learn about the journey of the project, what it can bring and share experiences.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon in out Multiplier Event and find out this exciting project!

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